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    Everything you need to run a successful business. Say goodbye to paperwork because Cygeria helps you process, store and handle repetitive tasks so that your business can focus on what matters.

    With Cygeria you can track and manage customers, vendors, inventory, employees, reports, send invoices and get paid faster.

    Save yourself up to 10 hours a week.

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  • Invoicing Made Easy


    Invoicing Made Easy

    With Cygeria, invoicing process is now swift and easy, reducing paperwork and managing the entire sales cycle by sending quotes and converting them into invoices. Automatically tracks and manages purchases and inventory for the business and your customers.

    Create quotes and invoices within seconds and share them with customers via email or our secure platform.

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  • Analytics & Reporting


    Analytics & Reporting

    Provides detailed business analytics and reports to help with decision-making. With our dashboard, data insights are reported directly from your stores to your device in real-time. Our new analytics tool doesn’t only gather data for you, it also makes analysis and predictions.

    Your data is translated into tips and insights that will make you sell more.

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  • Secure Cloud Storage


    Secure Cloud Storage

    Less paperwork and more real work. Instantly prepare, upload, and share documents and files. Completed documents are automatically saved to the appropriate entity storage.

    Cygeria offers unlimited cloud storage for users.

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  • Business Catalogs


    Business Catalogs

    This solution covers the needs of showcasing your products to customers online and managing vital engagement data in real time from virtually anywhere on any device.

    Launch your online store and stay ahead of your competitors.

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